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Helping Animals In Need

  • Provide care
  • Report abuse & neglect
  • Promote spay and neuter
  • Educate on animal welfare
  • Promote adoption

     Available for Adoption:

  • Cats - 31
  • Cats in foster care - 0
  • Dogs - 28
  • Dogs in foster care - 1



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MAKE SURE YOUR PET WEARS COLLAR WITH CURRENT ID AT ALL TIMES!!  If you can't get a tag get a Sharpie and write your name and phone number on the pet's collar! Microchips are great, but wearing id helps them find home quicker!   The #1 resource is BARTLESVILLE PETS ~ Area lost & found pets on facebook, then submit a post on our lost/found web page.

If you see pets without access to shelter, food and water OR on a chain 24 hrs a day, call the non-ermergency police dispatch (918-338-4001) and request a "wellness check".  Outside the city limits, report to the Washington County Sheriff's office at 918-337-2800.  YOUR CALL WILL SAVE LIVES!! 


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