Helping Animals In Need

  • Provide care
  • Report abuse & neglect
  • Promote spay and neuter
  • Educate on animal welfare
  • Promote adoption

ARF Statistics

  • Cat occupancy: 41
  • Dogs in foster care:  2
  • Total Adoptions: 963
  • Total Spay/Neuter Certificates: 5,582

ARF is in need of plastic dog houses.  If you have one that is no longer needed, please call us for pick up.  918-766-0991

If you see any dog without shelter, food or water, please call the non-ermergency police dispatch at 918-338-4001 to request an Animal Control Officer do a "wellness check".  If observed in Washington County but outside the city limits, report to the Washington Coounty Sheriff's office at 918-337-2800.  If you do not see results, keep calling back until you do.  Ask others report it as well. 

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